Limeburn Hill is Bristol and the south west’s first biodynamic vineyard.

In spring 2015, we planted six varieties of red and white grapes on a four-acre organic pasture overlooking the beautiful Chew Valley. The first harvest was taken in the autumn of 2017 and the first experimental, natural wines made.

Both the growing and wine-making follow the principles of biodynamic agriculture developed by Rudolph Steiner. Internationally accredited by Demeter, this is a holistic system that sees the farm as a living organism, improves the fertility of the soil without chemicals, and works with the energy of the sun and moon to encourage healthy growth.

Our vines will be supported by the application of teas, ferments and preparations made from plants and composts, as well as by following the biodynamic calendar for key tasks such as planting, pruning and harvesting. Our aim is to produce wines whose flavours and aromas express a genuine sense of place.

Please follow our progress on our blog and come and visit us when we open for tours, tastings and events. You may also find other events of interest (permaculture, natural beekeeping, cheese making, etc.) at our host farm – Westfield Farm.

For more information please contact info(at)limeburnhillvineyard.co.uk


Robin & Georgina


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