Our Approach

Our approach to both the land and the winemaking is based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture. This system was developed by Rudolph Steiner in the 1920s and is the precursor to the organic movement. It is the original holistic agricultural system and considers the vineyard as an integral and supportive part of the social and ecological communities at a local, global and universal level.

The vineyard is certified as both biodynamic and organic, and our approach focuses on enhancing health as opposed to fighting disease; this is called a salutogenic approach. To achieve this we use compost teas and plant-based sprays to help nourish the vines, as well as organic manures and composted wood-chip to build the most suitable soil for them. We think about how a vine would grow naturally and try to create a living system that is as close to that as possible.

From a biodynamic perspective the vineyard is managed according to three principles:

  • we consider the farm as a living organism and make it as healthy, self-sufficient and balanced as possible;
  • we work with a series of special biodynamic preparations, based on plants, quartz and cow manure, to feed the vines and soil;
  • we work with the rhythms of the sun, moon and stars, for example planting, harvesting or bottling according to the cycle of the moon.

Our wines are organic, biodynamic, natural and vegan and made entirely from our own hand-harvested grapes. They have no added sulphites, are unfiltered, contain no additives, and use no animal products. We make all of our wines ourselves and ferment them using the wild yeast from the grapes. Only in this way can we ensure that they authentically reflect the terroir of the vineyard.  

Our wines are innovative and original, and genuinely explore what English wine can be. We currently make Pétillant Naturel wines (naturally sparkling white, rosé & red) as well as experiments in still Amber wines (skin-macerated whites).

We would love you to come and visit us to learn more and taste our wines!