Tours, Tastings & Events 2022

We offer a variety of vineyard tours and wine tasting events through the year, as well as opportunities to buy our wines and join workshops to learn more. Details below…

Vineyard Tours & Tastings

Come and join us for a guided tour of our biodynamic vineyard, learn about how it is managed in line with nature, and find out how and why working biodynamically makes such special wine. The tour will finish with a guided tasting of some of our natural wine, while learning more about the winemaking processes. There will be a chance to purchase bottles following the tasting. More information about the tours, including dates and prices, available on our Calendar page.

If you would like to organise a private tour and tasting for a group then please contact us directly at info(at) for more information.

Wine Tastings

We usually attend various tasting events through the year where you will have the opportunity to taste our wines. Again these will be posted on our Calendar page and on Instagram.

Workshops & Talks

We run various workshops through the year on biodynamic gardening, biodynamic vineyard management & winemaking, and compost & compost tea making. More information is available on our Calendar page. We will be running two 1-day Biodynamic Winegrowing Workshops this year on the vineyard – 22nd May and 24th July – and suitable for anyone interested in biodynamic growing, biodynamic wines and natural winemaking.

We give regular presentations about biodynamics and the vineyard to local and national groups – if you would like us to give a presentation to your group about any of these subjects then please get in touch with us info(at)

Sales & Markets

Our 2021 vintage wines will be released in May 2022 and there will be various opportunities to buy them. Once released we will update this page to link to the different sales options. You will also be able to buy directly from us on a vineyard tour – see the Calendar page for details.