“Water be wine”

The grape harvests of 2018 are safely gathered in and the alchemy of vines, sun, water, earth and wild yeast into wine is under way. It seems a fitting time to publish a beautiful poem we were sent by a visitor who came on our first ever tour.

Steve Day, we since discovered, is a local poet and musician and his words perfectly capture the celebratory atmosphere of that hot May day and our feelings about the vineyard and landscape. Thank you so much Steve. 



Pét Nat Rosé 2017 Limeburn Hill Vineyard

On the southern hill

above a sunken hamlet,

dammed into a reservoir

transformed into a lake

are the vines of Limeburn Hill

turning grape

into wine;

       wine from water,

                     “water be wine”.


Twelve months later

we walk across the rushing weir

for the first precious bottled year tasting.


In the haze of this May

Day afternoon, in a small chill-glass

I sip a virgin-drop of sparkling biodynamic


rosé to conjure a zest

of cloudy apple and herbs. As we sit

on straw bales, taking in the warm breeze,


common lime clay soil, 

grounded in an artisan production

far away from corporate sugars and finings,


it is as if farming rounds

a circle like Honey From A Weed

and I am tasting terroir in my own county.               


Steve Day, 2018

(link to Steve Day’s website)